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CM Nazmul Hasan Sohag!



Teaching Code—creating engaging learning environments.
App Development—crafting dynamic Android apps.
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App Developing

I'm a full-stack app developer specializing in Android applications crafted with Kotlin and Java. With expertise in dynamic database-driven apps and modern UI design, I create user-friendly experiences from start to finish. Whether it's developing robust backend systems or designing sleek interfaces, I'm dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions. From concept to deployment, I strive to make app development accessible and enjoyable for users. My passion lies in crafting apps that provide a seamless experience for users, from start to finish. With a focus on understanding user needs, I design structured curricula that cover fundamental programming concepts and cultivate critical thinking skills. Through interactive lectures, practical exercises, and collaborative projects, I try to master coding languages.

Teaching Online

At Mukto Pathshala, I passionately teach coding and problem-solving, fostering an environment where learning is engaging and practical. With a focus on understanding my students' needs, I design structured curricula that cover fundamental programming concepts and cultivate critical thinking skills. Through a blend of lectures, hands-on exercises, and collaborative projects, I empower students to not only master coding languages but also apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios. Continuous improvement is at the core of my teaching philosophy, as I regularly reflect on my methods and incorporate feedback to enhance the learning experience. Additionally, I share my expertise by teaching on the Mukto Pathshala YouTube channel, extending learning opportunities to a broader audience worldwide.

Recent Projects




Announcing 'Digital Gaibandha'—your forthcoming solution for all things Gaibandha! Currently under development, our app will soon provide vital emergency contacts, convenient transportation options, essential police details, and more—all accessible at your fingertips. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to expand and enhance our offerings, bringing you a seamlessly connected experience to navigate life in Gaibandha with ease.


About me

Android Developer

Hey everyone, I'm Sohag, also known as CM Nazmul Hasan Sohag. At 21 years old, I'm deeply passionate about crafting awesome Android apps, and I'm currently immersing myself in the world of app development while pursuing my studies at Daffodil International University.

My educational journey has been quite the adventure. It all started back at Chaporhati Azizur Rahman Kindergarten, where I kicked off my academic career with a bang, scoring a perfect GPA of 5 in my PSC exam. Moving forward, I spent my formative years at Chaporhati SC High School, where I navigated the ins and outs of classes 6 and 7, soaking in knowledge and experiences that would shape my future.

As life unfolded, I found myself continuing my education at Dharmapur DDM High School, where I further honed my skills and aced my JSC exam with another impressive GPA of 5. But the journey didn't stop there; I embarked on a new chapter at Gaibandha Govt. Boys High School, where I continued to excel academically, securing yet another remarkable GPA of 5 in my SSC exams.

Transitioning to higher levels of education, I journeyed to Gaibandha Govt. College for my HSC exams, where I maintained my streak of excellence with yet another GPA of 5. Throughout it all, I've been blessed with unwavering support from my parents, Alhaz Muhammad Rafiqul Islam and Nurunnahar Begum. My dad, Alhaz Muhammad Rafiqul Islam, who served honorably in the army, always dreamed of seeing me pursue higher education and excel in my chosen field. My mom, Nurunnahar Begum, a dedicated homemaker, has been my rock, encouraging me every step of the way and dreaming of a bright future filled with success for me.

My passion for coding has been a driving force in my life, leading me to pursue Computer Science and Engineering at university. I'm dedicated to becoming a top-tier software engineer, and I'm constantly seeking ways to expand my skills and knowledge. In my free time, I love sharing coding solutions on my YouTube channel, hoping to make learning accessible and enjoyable for all.

Currently, I'm diving headfirst into the world of Android development, eager to create innovative apps that will make a difference in people's lives. As I continue on this exhilarating journey, I'm immensely grateful for the support and prayers of those around me. Here's to the future, filled with endless possibilities and exciting opportunities!

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Gaibandha, Bangladesh